Thursday, 31 December 2009

happy new year!

happy new year! hope you all have a good one!

from all at skeleton chop shop!!


we have some new ideas in the pipeline coming out in 2010. were gonna be hard working till spring. see you then!

tank or van?

im having trouble deciding whether to put this image on my sickle tank or the side of the bizness van? answers on a post card.

kuk vision

kuk's pic of his tribsa. looking good!

the driven skateboards

the driven skateboards web site has some exciting things on there. go and buy something exciting and get zoned out of your mind by the art work. keep believing!



Wolverhampton is home of skeleton chop shop. its a sweet city and if you Google image it, a picture of a tramp will come up. here is a map for my foreign friends who keep asking. thank you kind. love also x

are you young and want somthing different to drive?

i have been busy at the chop shop over the last year or so building a pickup. it has been built solely by me in a tiny garage with hand tools. the idea behind this is to show young people who want an open wheeled car that they can build something cheap. as petrol prices go up and running a v8 hot rod on the road becomes just a dream to most, this hopefully will inspire somebody to get building! here is a teaser pic while i sort though everything.


Sunday, 20 December 2009

ideal workshop

this Xmas holiday when your sat round the house with nothing to have had your fill of shit TV and crap conversation. you should go out to the shed and sort it ready for the summer. here is a picture of what your aiming for. even the amateur mechanic should be able to achieve this. merry shitmas!

winter warmers

keep warm, dry and let peeps know what side your toast is buttered.or what bus your on. or what team you play for. or what bike you ride.etc..


love this pic!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

how to keep warm this winter

these tips will not only keep you warm but save you money and you will be at the height of fashion to!

pictures to warm your heart

some i.o.e. and cool = warm!haha

snow danger, ice danger...cold...very cold

i decided while i was cruising my bike the other day to keep going even tho it was getting colder and colder.i learnt a very important lesson! imagine the scene im ripping along on my scoot when jack frost really starts nipping at my heels. i button my jacket right up and try to get snugged down. after about an hour i pull over and get off. oh wow! i forgot i was packing my chick! she had turned to an snow girl! so remember its cold out and to wrap up warm.(or just stay in the house with the heating on full blast watching celebrity sing bastard)

snow and christmas etc

yeah its that time of year when its cold and icey. bar humbugger! que santa sack jokes!

Thursday, 10 December 2009

i love!

these two pictures should make you want to go out and ride/buy a motorcycle. just look how bad ass you could be! people you dont know or who have never met will be putting you up on websites and saying your sooooo bad ass!...........bad ass!

big boys with too small toys

'hay barrie'
wat is it man?
'people are laughing at us!'
jus keep riding bro!

weekend warrior

hello, my name is robert conundrum-smithe. my bros in the club call me animal. yeah i know wat your thinking, just another weekend warrior. well your wrong! im so bad ass i own the road!....well me and my brothers, we own the road! you wanna know what freedom is? its ripping down the road in the pack with no care for anything!...well, apart from breaking any of the club rules or disrespecting any of my fellow club chums. anyway i joined this club so i can be free from all your made up laws mr police man! the prez (president) said as long as i keep running around for him and cleaning the club house and going to the shop for everyone and doing all the other little things etc etc. i will be a full member! yeah shove that up your ass mr sit at home watching celebrity jungle shit!...........oh i think my mobile is ringing!must be my wife, im late for watching her favorite soap.


this is my psychedelic moment. hope you dig it man. now go watch the trip (peter fonda) lern the lingo and open your mind............hippy!

dice new shirt!

yeah man so like the brothers and sisters down at dice have a new shirt for you far out mothers to get into. get your scoot puttin and your zoot puffin you psychedelic sikkle bums!!!

lost and broken down

a friend of mine was on holiday lost somewhere in the Scottish highlands. you know the score if your on holiday you just keep going till you find were you are. anyways he feels the bike start to wobble from side to side. he starts to snake down the road like hes on a frikkin python! pulls over and sure enuf, hes gotta flat. nice timing man. looking around theres nothing but hills and the odd sheep. sitting there not knowing wat to do next, would you believe it a car rolls up. the dude in the car asks if he needs any help? my friends like yeah but i don't think you can, i need a bike shop.the dude laughs and says get in man, theres one in the next town. wheel in hand he jumped in the car gets the flat fixed and even gets a lift back! abit of money was forced into the dudes hand at the end of it all. its sweet when you get help when your down and out. so next time you see a bro at the side of the road cussin his scoot, give him a hand!

Monday, 30 November 2009

this weeks wierd

the winter is on its out for ice and take them corners abit slower! ride safe!

new builtwell helmets!


This is the next generation of Biltwell helmets. It's the same lightweight and comfortable shell but with a few significant upgrades. The flake is much bigger and crisper, hence the "Megaflake" name. Vintage style chrome strip around the opening is pure class and only available on a Biltwell. The new liner now has detail stitching and contrasting ventilated panels in the top. The embossed goggle strap has a new shape and an improved snap.

just dont fall off!mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Sunday, 22 November 2009


yeah these things make the ultimate bar hopper!good for all weather and riding over winter?dont even notice man.

Monday, 16 November 2009


skiddin up the skiddaz!brap brap mi ikkal lovers!


skeleton chop shop taking over the post mag!

sick, vile and wrong!

haha i love it! i reckon i this would make a great tattoo or mabey wall paper? all i know is this shows there a sick minds out in the wide world! ice is back with a brand new edition, check out the beat while my dj revolves it!

mad dogs and englishmen

Living in England and riding a chopped motorcycle takes a special type of person. Everything is against you. The weather is crap, the road surface is mostly potholes and the car drivers hate you and want to kill you. Hang on though before you all get depressed, this means if you meet another chop guy or gal you will get on like brothers/sisters! This is only applicable to old or vintage chop riders though. You don’t quite get the same scene if the person turns up on their factory fresh twin cam with custom bars. Yeah they might love to ride etc but the soul of old bikes/cars takes an understanding. It’s getting to a show and thinking yeah we did it (you and the machine).

A good example of this is the hotrod hayride. Each year it’s the pinnacle of the calendar. I’m always planning the modifications to the bike around hayride. The trip down for me is 5 hours with only stops for petrol. My bike doesn’t like motorways so it’s A roads all the way. Once out of the city the country roads take over making it a sweet honey of a trip in fine weather. When I arrive at the show some friends and new faces are there greeting me at the gate with smiles all round. Then its stories of the trip like getting lost and if anything broke etc. the friends’ Ive made there are all old machine lovers in one way or another and I know we will be friends forever! After a wild show of hotrod lifestyle it’s back on the bike for the long trip home.

Hopefully someone with fading interest will understand what I’m on about and keep the faith. Without others it’s a lot less fun.