Saturday, 6 June 2009

The panther m100 build

Many years ago a good friend of mine had a panther model hundred kicking about for a few years in pieces. Occasionally I would see it in his spare room. Just the frame with the bottom end in it. Its funny because at the time I was building another model 100 called the auntie Alice.(soon to have the skeleton chop shop work over). Anyhoo 3 years ago my friend needed some cash and offered me the bike cheap. The deal was done and I had a panther in lots of small pieces. You know the score parts missing with lots of metric bolts and other assorted crap in with the good bits. This was sweet for me cause I needed a chop. More precisely a 60’s era Frisco esk mar fuka! A year of nights building and finding period parts it was alive!!mo haw haw haw!

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