Sunday, 19 July 2009

pig flu

its ok every one! don't worry! they have trained pigs to cure the swine flu. the pig doctors will be at your local clinic within 24 hours. "excuse al....dr piglet is ready to see you now"..............

wedding on a bike

this all young man dream. you own beautiful crazy motorcycle. you get marry to sweet girl you always like, even from school ages. now you ride motorcycle like wind. girl hold you closer because a ride very dangerous. now you king of road!


these police cut backs are really getting serious!!

road rage

uh huh!

super nats

as you can tell the summer is in full swing(pissing down outside!) so that means its time for the super nats!taking the rumble truck down & camera. should be fun! the rain kinda tastes sweet don't u reckon motorcycle people?

Saturday, 11 July 2009


this describes in pictures three weekend to London, one to Shrewsbury and one to Ludlow. how special!

striping for your car/bike

get some lines on your ride! will make you complete!

broken clutch

ok so like i was totally cruzing along on my freedom machine. totally digging my own scene. got off and was just looking around, yano checking the wheels aint gonna fly off and blow my vibe, when i seen the clutch hanging off! like,!! totally, i have to go to the mall on like, the bus! like i totally know that sucks! like.

pinstriped bog seats!

roll up roll up! get your hand striped shit house seats here! starting at £20 (without postage) jazz up your bathroom or outhouse and impress your friends! email me at and we can discuss colour and designs.

mudguards for sale

this guard or fender is just an example and is for a trophy t110. all made on the original machines from back in the day! email me at as well as all the standard/stock guards we make, we can make custom guards to fit your wild chopper of course!

old adverts that look cool

my fave is the wild wind man blowing the bike along!

Friday, 3 July 2009

tonys custom paint

tonys custom paint shop is fuken amazing! check you will not be disapointed! hes gona be famous and you will all wish you got sumat painted by him when i said! then you will cry lots and loose friends. its a no brainer as a twat on tv once said.i hate people who say that. i hate myself now. im crying inside..........

two wheel terrors

ok this is one of my fave dvds ever!if you dont own this buy it now! you will live happy after!

mad fabricators society

check these dvds!! thems baaad! you get about 2 hours of hotrod shizzle on these bad boys!