Sunday, 23 August 2009


check out its got the hayride covered.lots of other cool shit2! aw i always pull a weird face! hummm

wild cars and ting

these are my pic of the month!i love the truck with the panoramic window on the roof!

hi from england. my name is mavis. i love for now chicken off the bone. some day i hope to be singer like famous band

pinstriped toilet seats again!

yeah we are doing a run of toilet seats.there up for grabs on ebay. just type in pinstriped toilet seat! should call it up. one off designs so if you like it, grab it!

handle bars

skeleton chop shop makes handle bars. email for info.

hotrod hayride prt2

more hayride pics.wild times! its kinds like having your favorite meal, like i dunno pepperoni pizza. then you have your fave pudding at the same time, like i dunno cherry jelly.yum just imagine the jelly wobbling about on that cheese grease!

hotrod hayride

hotrod hayride! what a blast! down in surrey hosted by the executioners car club its a must do for all traditional rod fans and old bike hipsters! you know if you wernt there this year, next year your gonna be putting down on your scoot! shamalamadingdong

Sunday, 2 August 2009

bike back on the road!! yeah!

got the clutch fixed on the panther.all thanx go's to the panther owners club for making parts for my bike!just gotta mot that mar fukka before the hayride! see you there!

super nats bikes! 2009

cool bikes were lurking all around. most of em bobber style. foot clutch boogie! love it!

super nats 2009!


here are some of the cool rides we were diggin on. also hit the mopar nats at santa pod as the cruze destination. note to self : them there roads out in them there country side be real bumpy, ooh aaarrr!