Friday, 18 September 2009

next build

yeah i think the next build here is going to be a trump. its going to be fast, loud, have 2 wheels, handlebars, seat and other shit. my theme for the build is the word clusterfuck. bonaye la doo! sssssssssssssss!

cycle zombies

check these guys out,some cool shizzay agwarnin here!

london tattoo convention

roll up, roll up! should be wild!

dice magazine

im sure i dont need to put this but just incase. dice magazine is the bible for people like you.go buy it! check the links on the top right!

anyone got a panhead for sale?

email if you got any info

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

girl bikers

girl bikers are way cool! take this chick for instance, she wanted something she could go long distances on and have no body fatigue. "its all about how you look on the bike" she says. keep rolling sister!

yep, huh hum, nice!

cool people!

rulers! take note and copy with your own slant!

things can get outta control quick!

its Saturday night and i pull up at my local biker pub for a quick half of shandy. as usual I'm on my 51 panther chop. as i put my helmet on the bar i see a couple of freaks In the corner i don't recognise. so like I'm eye balling these guys trying to get hip to there scene when i get grabbed from behind and thrown in the corridor. the freaks came up quick with shooters. i told em i was just a office worker who wanted to be a biker like wild hogs. they stood me up and bought me beer. thank god for hollywood!

my pan project

ok so i was messing about in the shed for a few months with my panhead. this is what i came up with. i know it aint much but should be cool to pop down the shop for milk etc

action man is zoned out baby

the man: yo action man! your break rod is way short!
action man: you tryin to mess up my scene man? dont you know im a zoned out mother?

skeletons dancing on your grave

the music chosen for this joyous occasion is "regulate" by "Warren g"

shake your bones!