Thursday, 29 October 2009

freak diggin his own scene

3 cheers for sampo the hero!

how to pinstripe by fire al

1st stage get the backbone of your design down.i chose a dark colour.
2nd stage ad some wildness
3rd stage select you "popper colour" this one gives you the edge.

which way am i going?

ok im going down the road and hav to stamp the breaks and grab the jockey.i did a 180 then carried on the had to do the same again!i was stuck till my tank ran outta petrol!never again!

london tat show

yeah the line was big to get in but was a sweet shoe!all types of inking!go next year and open your minds!

chop shop!

redy to chop!(its getting to winter so ive got the bobble hat my nan knitted on)

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

sportster tank

any1 got an old sporty tank lying about?dont matter if its dented,just make it thank you!

hero of the month

i love this film.its hardcore but not macho.its in your face but not timmy mallet.


yeah i know i didnt make this but who cares.if i had done it, it would have been crap and childish.

father and son

hes got his fathers eyes.....yes and his nose!