Thursday, 10 December 2009

lost and broken down

a friend of mine was on holiday lost somewhere in the Scottish highlands. you know the score if your on holiday you just keep going till you find were you are. anyways he feels the bike start to wobble from side to side. he starts to snake down the road like hes on a frikkin python! pulls over and sure enuf, hes gotta flat. nice timing man. looking around theres nothing but hills and the odd sheep. sitting there not knowing wat to do next, would you believe it a car rolls up. the dude in the car asks if he needs any help? my friends like yeah but i don't think you can, i need a bike shop.the dude laughs and says get in man, theres one in the next town. wheel in hand he jumped in the car gets the flat fixed and even gets a lift back! abit of money was forced into the dudes hand at the end of it all. its sweet when you get help when your down and out. so next time you see a bro at the side of the road cussin his scoot, give him a hand!

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