Thursday, 10 December 2009

weekend warrior

hello, my name is robert conundrum-smithe. my bros in the club call me animal. yeah i know wat your thinking, just another weekend warrior. well your wrong! im so bad ass i own the road!....well me and my brothers, we own the road! you wanna know what freedom is? its ripping down the road in the pack with no care for anything!...well, apart from breaking any of the club rules or disrespecting any of my fellow club chums. anyway i joined this club so i can be free from all your made up laws mr police man! the prez (president) said as long as i keep running around for him and cleaning the club house and going to the shop for everyone and doing all the other little things etc etc. i will be a full member! yeah shove that up your ass mr sit at home watching celebrity jungle shit!...........oh i think my mobile is ringing!must be my wife, im late for watching her favorite soap.

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