Saturday, 16 January 2010

barn find!

one sunny but cold winters day i was traveling south on the a49. near an air field there is a forest with lots of old abandoned buildings. ive always liked old run down buildings so was trying to look at them out of the corner of my eye whilst driving. i caught a glimpse of what looked to be a stripped down car in one building. i started to fantasize about what i could be. i was thinking old ford maybe model a or b? then i was trying to plan how to get it home, trailer etc. i passed it about 2 more times before i decided i needed to stop. i parked up and wandered through the thick woodland to the spooky barn. i started to think of horror films. hum.. no one knows im here, better make this quick! when i went through the door it wasn't a model a waiting for a resto. this was my dream car....... its still there......

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