Sunday, 17 January 2010

pickup build #1

the pickup build..i have always loved open wheeled cars. vintage race cars and hot rods give me that special feeling only a fellow perv would understand. my dream is to own an early model A 5 window ford hot rod. you know the score dropped i beam, v8 Flathead, chopped, channeled, juice breaks, blah blah blah. i have no money and not much time so had to look other places for a four wheel shit machine. being a life long motorcyclist i love air cooled engines. enter the vw beetle. yeah i know they're famous for stupid hippies driving them and real hotrodders hate them but i think the bug would be a perfect start for a cheap bit of fun car. ive never really listened to people when they tell me what bike is cool and whats not( i ride a panther) make your own rules! so same for cars. the beetle has the wheels sticking out of the main body so with abit of cutting we could be onto somthing.
Now let me just explain why im putting all this crap on here, i believe that the old bike/car scene needs the young folk to carry it on. a lot of the vintage bike runs i go on seem to be mainly geezers in there 50s upwards. the car shows could follow suit if we dont encourage and teach young peeps how to build their rides. so here is the how-to car section (bike to follow soon). i think the custom beetle is a good stepping stone for young hotrodders to get into the scene. if you scrap a 70s bug by cutting it up beyond repair it don't matter. if a 1st timer cut up a 32 thats a piece of history gone! i know they do fiberglass copies which a young rodder could stick a small engine (pinto) into but i think steel wins over plastic. lets cut up a car!

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