Saturday, 20 February 2010

Skeleton Chop Shop t-shirts!!

Skeleton Chop Shop t-shirts!

Oh my fucking gawd! You have to be shitting me? If its true im gonna be smiling like a retard with a new ninja turtle! Fucking t-shirts?! Bring it on you fucking big twat! Full details and designs coming soon, keep your peeps open.

The good ol' days

picture paints a thousand words and all that shite

D team

D team

This picture gives me a blast to the senses and I feel confused. Im crying inside but laughing outside. im scared but having uncontrollable bouts of masturbation. I hope they are strippers...

Foot clutch/jockey shift for panther

Project panther

I suppose you have been wandering what I’ve been up to these last few weeks? I’ve been busy building a foot clutch, break cross over, jockey set up. Converting the panther aint the easiest thing but will be fun to ride and wild looking when its done. I’ve deliberately taken a shit picture so when its finished I can give you the full step by step run down.

Waste of money?

Double vision or double wankers?

Is it me or do the councils like wasting tax payers money? I reckon we should burn their houses down!

Rasta man


there’s a picture on my wall Rastafarian sit up on mi wall

Two Wheel Terrors 2

Two Wheel Terrors 2

The new two wheel terrors is out and its just kicked me in the balls. If you liked the last one you will love this one. Same deal, motorcycles ripping around with punk blasting your ears to shit. Nice as pie!

Hells Angels 69

Hells angels 69

The classic motorcycle film. Released the same year as Easy Rider this film has been shadowed. It rules in all ways possible. The plot is totally ridiculous, cool period bay area chops, wild jazz music and the jive talk! If you haven’t seen this, you need to.

Run Angel Run

Run Angel Run

Some guy shits on his brothers and they come after him on bad ass scoots. There’s some real funny bits where the main man is jumping on and off trains on his bike. I like this film cause its shit.

Hells Bloody Devils

Hells Bloody Devils

This film is weird, its like they have used the motorcycle trend to sell the film when really its about some gimp running around after some bloke who thinks he’s a Nazi trying to get plates to print cash. The redeeming part of this film is Colonel Sanders has a cameo! Nothing to do with the film but makes it worth watching chicken lovers!



All I can say is the chaos was brought. Stuff was broken including windows. There was crawling around on the floor. Lots of shouting and acting like dicks. The morning brought bad feelings and throwing up all over the bathroom. Me? with my reputation? In the window naked? Wearing a pig mask?

latest dice issue!

New dice

The latest dice mag is out. Very good as usual but maybe even better!? They now have a tech section. This episode has that Brandon geezer from Mullins Chain Drive building a frame. Looks good to me. Go buy it Bubble Pumper!