Sunday, 28 March 2010

the egg run 2

I rolled up to the local Harley dealer at 10. The cruse was just setting off. The 10.30 set off time had been moved forward. I was supposed to be cruising up with my mate who owns a 45. (I didn’t want to ride with the modern bikes but he likes the twin cam crew asking him what make of bike he has). I headed the procession off at the cross roads but couldn’t see a 45 anywhere! Oh well ill just ride in with the power rangers and wild hogs. Through town I got weird looks off the citizens and power rangers. Don’t think they had ever seen a foot clutch / jockey shift before. Once we hit the motorway I settled into a 60mph frenzy (rigid chopped panther on motorway doing 60 = hold on for dear life) seen a couple of young nutters doing wheelies in the fast lane. Kinda like the bike on cannon ball run. Once I got there I found my mate who had arrived 10 minuets after we left Harley (not on his 45 but his panther combo). Then i fixed my kick stand which had rattled to death. The actual ride was fun and the sun shone down. When we got to Cosford we gave donations and Easter eggs for the kids of injured soldiers. There were lots of them “true” bikers you get in England. You know them geezers who have a black leather waist coat on, wrap around sun glasses, bald head and a goatee beard. They looked at my bike then looked at me as if to say this blokes got a screw loose. All in all good fun. Make sure you make the scene next year!

the egg run

the raf wings appeal easter egg run is basically 1000s of bikers meet and ride in support of the uks armed forces. we met in shrewsbury and then rode to raf cosford. this is a fun day with the added feel good factor of helping the heros fighting on our behalf. thanks

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Dr Orbius 6

hope you enjoyed the show. i loved the sofa type seat on that chopper.wild man!

Dr Orbius 5

im hip to this zoot

Dr Orbius 4

outta sight!

Dr Orbius 3

groovey gravey

Dr orbius 2

far out man

Photos from the hero known as Dr Orbius

We are very lucky to have been given full access to Dr Orbius’s photo collection from his youth. Even my mother and old man are in there! so here we go back to the 60’s man …………….

west siiyyeedd

Pony tails are scary!

old tree

The old tree is about as big as can be
The old tree is wood, its taller than me
The old tree is in the midlands not near the sea
The old tree is going to get burnt up in a big fire ball explosion! Die! Then anyone who watches it will have there face melted by the intense heat and their eyeballs will explode shooting boiling blood into the mouths of the wolves walking on their back legs which will be used as the holy water when the zombie corpse love dogs take over the world!

chicken news

The latest on the chicken scene in wolves is the Penn road kfc in Blakenhall still hasn’t been fix up since it burnt late last year. Man you could smell fried chicken 10 miles down wind. Come on Mr Sanders get yo shit together!


This was my old mans van he used for transporting motorcycles and parts around late 70s early 80s. the geezer on the roof was named basil. his head could turn a full 360 and his arm waved. I think his eyes used to light up but im not sure. Probably caused lots of accidents…..

Monday, 1 March 2010

Skeleton Chop Shop T-shirts!

1st run of shirts.get em while there hot! email to get hooked up.

t-shirt printing the old harcore way

i know you can get t-shirts printed cheap these days but im from the old punk,skateboard diy background. skeleton chop shop aint a grab of the shelf kinda place so the shirt aint ither. yeah they are not 100% but who gives a shit. there gonna get dirty and ripped up when your working on your bike anyways. these pictures show how we did it. music was loud and we had a beer buzz. fun times! felt like i was in a cool hardcore band from the 80s. suck it

ps thanks to the original bad man neil