Sunday, 28 March 2010

the egg run 2

I rolled up to the local Harley dealer at 10. The cruse was just setting off. The 10.30 set off time had been moved forward. I was supposed to be cruising up with my mate who owns a 45. (I didn’t want to ride with the modern bikes but he likes the twin cam crew asking him what make of bike he has). I headed the procession off at the cross roads but couldn’t see a 45 anywhere! Oh well ill just ride in with the power rangers and wild hogs. Through town I got weird looks off the citizens and power rangers. Don’t think they had ever seen a foot clutch / jockey shift before. Once we hit the motorway I settled into a 60mph frenzy (rigid chopped panther on motorway doing 60 = hold on for dear life) seen a couple of young nutters doing wheelies in the fast lane. Kinda like the bike on cannon ball run. Once I got there I found my mate who had arrived 10 minuets after we left Harley (not on his 45 but his panther combo). Then i fixed my kick stand which had rattled to death. The actual ride was fun and the sun shone down. When we got to Cosford we gave donations and Easter eggs for the kids of injured soldiers. There were lots of them “true” bikers you get in England. You know them geezers who have a black leather waist coat on, wrap around sun glasses, bald head and a goatee beard. They looked at my bike then looked at me as if to say this blokes got a screw loose. All in all good fun. Make sure you make the scene next year!

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