Thursday, 29 April 2010


in england the summer is strange
you never know when the weather will change
i hope the rain will stop and the sun will shine
then we can ride our choppers on the white line

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

stafford classic bike show ya'no

the classic bike show in stafford has been running years. i used to work it every year with the old man. we had a stall selling 2nd hand parts. this made it a downer due to having to work long hours. we haven't had a stall there for the last 5 years or so. so i thought id go down and go through some boxes of rusty shit to try and find the treasure! got a small headlight and some other little parts. nothing to exciting. i like mainly the weather do not rain. also i like racing motorcycle the most. beautiful use of minimal motorcycle. salut

stafford classic bike show

some bikes that caught my eye. no chops there but there was some sweet used bikes and some sweeter race bikes!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


cruzin' down the road in the 32. super! wild! crazy! still running in.......

south of england trip #2

the trip then took us to meet good buddy paul who was picking up his english 32 from marco at juarez fabrication. beautiful 32 which shows marcos work off. take your rod to him! will link you to his page.peas out

south of england trip #1

the trip took us to the South coast of England. we dropped in on good Friend kuk and his sweet workshop...

Sampo Korhonen hits Twin Clubs Custom Show in Norrtalije 2009 #2

more of sampos pictures!

Sampo Korhonen hits Twin Clubs Custom Show in Norrtalije 2009

super sweet photos from our hero sampo!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

how to move your petrol hole 7

yeah! you have done it! all it needs is grinding down and your done! ftw!

how to move your petrol hole 6

use a bit of welding rod to hold your metal disk in place and weld her up! remember to weld sporadically so not to warp the metal with the heat build up.

how to move your petrol hole 5

i use a technique called "the dirty fingers technique"! this is as simple as it looks. just get your grubby little mitts around the hole and it leaves a print onto the paper. the print is the exact size you need to fill you hole. just transcribe to metal and you laughing!

how to move your petrol hole 4

after welding up nice and tight i turn the torch up to cutting like the english wind. i then cut the middle of the new hole. then i reach for my paper. time to take care of the old hole....

how to move your petrol hole 3

now i weld that mong into position. hot flame like Italian dancing horse!

how to move your petrol hole 2

so i cut the filler off with my torch and placed it were i can maximise my petrol holding capacity. beautiful like a cheap night in birmingham.

how to move your petrol hole 1

this is my petrol tank. its sweet but due to lowering the tunnel the tank sits at an angle. this means i cant fill the tank full because the filler is half way down. the answer ....move that little sucker!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

wanted - 34mm mikuni carb

if anyone has a 34mm mikuni carb suitable for a Harley 45 give us a shout on thank you and instant release.

doggie helmets

i know pets are cool and lots of people see them as part of the family. lots of bike riders have dogs and thats cool! now and again in dice magazine they will feature some mad animals. this is a look into dog saftey. saw these pics and had to share them with you!

Monday, 5 April 2010

happy easter

i was riding along on my chop and i was trying to see which of my trouser legs was flapping fastest in the wind. not looking where i was going i ran somthing over. i quickly span around and sped back to the scene.....sorry for next year!

Thursday, 1 April 2010


kopteri has a cool feature on my panther. skeleton chop shop fans in finland can get hip to this. buy the mag and learn to speak finnish. kopteri rules!