Thursday, 20 May 2010

you meet the nicest people on a panther

Today has been the best weather so far this year. nice and warm with lots of sun! I had to go and boogie down the road on my scoot. im cruzing the english countryside and in the moment. banging gears and jamming the twists and turns. i find a country shop which sells everything, kinda like a small supermarket/post office thing you get out in the sticks. ther is a big sign which says " bikers welcome!" im getting pretty thirsty and can see an ice cream sign. sweet! the dude who runs the joint is into the chop and i hip him to the build story. when its time to split my sweet iron hoss aint firing. i have spark, i have dont run??tried all the usual shit to get ti started but nothing. i think well, ill stick another plug in and see what happens. fires right up and the 2nd kick. duno man...i jus duno. enjoy the spring!

1 comment:

  1. Bobcat does that sometimes Alex, just swap in an old plug and away she goes.