Monday, 28 June 2010

Chopper Show

be there or be square!

nos nats report

nostalgia nationals is a sweet show. a drag racing weekend in england is abit hit and miss due to the weather. many times ive sat in the bar or van waiting for the rain to stop. this weekend we were real lucky! non stop sun and crazy action! here is some of my favorite cars/bikes. i havnt put any drag shots up because you have to be there to get the noise and smell and it dont do it justice in a photo. see you there next year!

how to make a mudguard stay

this is quite an easy how-to. all you do is:-

1. take some tube of the correct size and wall thickness to you needs

2. heat the end to a cherry/orange and beat its ass over an anvil

3. let it cool naturally (cooling it in water will make it brittle) and drill hole

4. round off the ends (you could weld the ends up for maximum neat award)

5. eat Chinese chicken balls without the sweet&sour sauce

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Summer Rain

Ive been enjoying the English spring for a few weeks now. riding the chop on sweet country roads with the sun in my face. bbqs and lemonade was the way forward. now were into June its summer time. you can tell by the shitty rain stabbing me in the face like little needles at 50mph. also the sensation of pissing ones self is another summer trait. dont worry all you motorcyclists! skeleton chop shop have come up with ways to keep dry and keep your street cred on your vintage chopper. FTW

R.I.P. Dennis Hopper

"doin' my own thing, in my own time"
....a hero....ride on man!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

if this picture were true the rocker would be winning. im afraid quite the opposite is happening. everywhere i go there is mods. this isnt a problem and i think its cool there looking back and making it happen. the problem is there is no rockers! come on boys and girls young and old lets get the old rumbles goin down Brighton again. or maybe we could co-exist? mod on a Triton and rocker on a vespa? blow it out your shorts!

june so far

so far this month its going pretty good. these pictures sum it up. chicken, guns and very trendy rockabilly dancing. there all doing it in london!the london look! boom!

the hand clean up

yeah so we all know its a dirty game this old motorcycle lark. well dont worry because here at skeleton chop shop we have done a how-to all about the hand cleaning process.
1st picture shows the hand after touching your bike. as you can see its very heavily soiled.
2nd picture is after a dirty rag has been used to get off the surface dirt.
3rd picture shows the hand after being washed using cold water and washing up liquid. you can see the hand is back to its former glory. ready to prepare food or maybe handle a new born baby.

she runs!

The project panther for my old man is getting there. i rebuilt the engine about '97 so it hadnt run for about 10 years. i cleaned the carb, petrol tank, and electrics etc. then everything needed oil chain, cables etc. fired after about 7 kicks?... gotta run it in now. once run in ill paint it up abit to run around on it before the big strip down and re-build.