Thursday, 29 July 2010

dice magazine sunglasses!

1. so is it true you can get dice shades now?
2. yeah check the wild colours to!
1. no way thats rad, kinda like the 80s but with proper lenses
2. stops your eye balls frying!
1. cool. no go fuck yourself
2. hay fuck you man
1. peice of shit
2. .....wanker...

helsinki chopper show 2010

my hero sampo has been taking pictures for us to enjoy. this time it was at the helsinki chopper show. sweet!

wolverhampton girls!

what a city! avarage joe = wanker. the odd ball = sound!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Horror love pics!

my name Adelphed Miagga. i live england for now. i love to snooker and tennis. i wear short and head band. my music love is for cliff richard and adamski. rave and tune which go boom boom boom i like also. i hoping to one day own a moped like my father had in 1982. when i turned adult in my country i was made to catch a wild boar and make feast for wife. love you my friend!

super nats!

Super Nationals 2010! this year seemed to be real busy right from the start. probably had something to do with the euro nats being there that week. the selection of cars was a mix of hotrod/streetrod & muscle, the norm for this show but just lots of em this year. the bikes had some interesting harleys, one pan i would have loved to take home and make into mine. weather was sweet and we sold aload of crap there to.good show. now its time to recover for the hayride next weekend!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Chopper Show!!

The summer is here so lets get out on the choppers and enjoy the summer we have been waiting for! upfulvibes!

pinstriped accessories for your life

pinstriped accessories for your life! jazz up your house or work place with this crap. hand painted the old way with a little but long brush. buy or die! suck it and see. curl up the corner and death....bummers

pinstriping on shoes!

oh here i go
dont let me go
hold me down
its comming for me through the trees
take my shoes off and get them pinstriped at skeleton chop shop
were at super nats show in bedfordshire england if you want to buy somthing!
the hounds of love are hunting me
ive always been a coward
and i dont know wats good for me