Tuesday, 31 August 2010

into the last part of summer

The last part of summer is here so every day its sunny its time to cruze man. get your feet up on those high foot rests, grab hold of those 6 bend pull backs and feel the breeze in your flares! ive stuffed loads of flowers down my kick ups so when i fire my pan ill shoot flowers up into the air! all the far out chiks and dudes will dance in the beautiful rain ive created. ill even play my finger cymbals for them. ither that or ill stamp on the clutch, bang the jockey and shoot fire into the eyeballs of the people of wolverhampton. the noise of my pipes will cause brains to puke out of ears and the dead will roam the earth and, and, and, and.....i hate myself

The Driven Skateboards

The Driven Skateborad company have some sweet stuff comming out soon. get over to the web page and order some heavy shit!



Tuesday, 24 August 2010

skeleton motorcycles

kickflip. heelflip. frontside 180. backside360. handplant. christ air. 50 50. stale fish.

hayride 2

my pappy said "son your gonna drive me to drinkin if you dont stop drivin that hotrod Lincoln"

hotrod hayride 2010

Hotrod Hayride 2010 was amazing! much bigger this year but this didn't dilute it in any way. its still an old school rod/rockabilly show. there were lots of bobbers there as the English cant get enough of them but i was digging the sportie chops. cool little run around and something different which is affordable. if you have never made it to hayride make the effort. you wont be disappointed!