Monday, 27 September 2010

Animal Heros!

Animals used for motorcycle craziness. Is it right or wrong? Check the bear on the tight rope! You know the lion is ruling it tho. The frog has the most relaxed style, im gona go try and copy it down our local mc donalds. "yo check that guy ou on the chopper!" "yeah real cool frog style!" "pass me a chip ennit"

Easy Rider Day!

The Easyrider Day in Wolverhamptons Lighthouse Cinema was a day of live music with motorcycle fans lurking in the corners. Outside you could hear the local football fans enjoying the visiting teams company. Rip Mr Hopper! Keep doing your own thing in your own time!

Hotrod Drags

Hotrod Drags is always a good show. Held at Shakespeare’s raceway in Long Marston (near Stratford upon Avon) It’s a well prepped track with lots of room for camping etc. I’m always a little sad because its usually the last show of the year. Good racing and wild nights of partying mixed with some sweet cars and bikes to get my eye balls hanging out my head. I don’t think ive ever pissed so much at a show before, maybe it was the cold wind. Maybe it wasn’t, who cares. Salut !

Basic welds tech

I realised that my beater works van was looking abit to much beater to be cool. Id been sticking tape over holes to get through mot inspections for a while now. Thought id stick a basic tech on here incase anyone wants to know how to do a quick repair that will last a while.
1. grind back the paint and shit to see what your looking at and how much metal is left.
2. cut out the rot so you have good metal surrounding the hole. I used a thin cutting disk on a grinder. Then using the piece you just cut out as a template draw around it and cut out a new piece. With a bit of bending over you knee it should fit just right.
3. tack that mother in. I used a magnet off the fridge to help. No expense spared as usual. I like to use a mig to tack as it takes less hands. (migs like clean metal with no paint, grease or rust)
4. I then seam welded it with an acetylene torch. Remember don’t g mad, just weld a bit at a time so not to warp the panel. Then I grinded it back with a flap disk. You could go mad hammering to get the patch unnoticeable but this is my beater van so im keeping it Frankenstein.
5. Add body filler to taste and 2 spoonfuls of paint. Leave in the oven for 40 minuets on gas mark 2. Allow to brown and serve with ice cream and dog shit.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Flake Kings

Flake Kings are so cool and their blog rules! check the link to the right. theres loads of sweet stuff to buy and they just get it. ive found that the shit hole student bar in wolverhampton has a metal flake sideboard in the bogs. its spreading!

Kustom Kulture Show

The Kuston Kulture show in Lincoln was the first pinstriping and airbrush show of its kind in the uk. We had a stall there and had a sweet time and made new friends. There didn’t seem to be much support from car/bike clubs, I was expecting lots of rods and vintage bikes. I think this is going to grow into a cool show. The silk rose in Spalding is a very cool Chinese takeaway. The iridescent Tim and Fi who put us up for the night and sorted the paper work are heroes of mine. I found out what a “gunt” is. I also found out there is some weird link to trikes, lesbians in their 60s and gunts. El Paso tres hombres.

To Scooter Heads

So a while back there was this scooter club called the cardif cougars. here are some of there old shirts and another hero of mine, mr chris massive on his vin.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

obicedien motorendum

touch wood. luck. metal. combined. fun times. motorcycle. sun. memories.

wild leather!

old leather from the 60s/70s. used daily untill about 5 years ago. then got given to me. used for special occasions and pretending to be a rocker in the mirror. its got soul!