Monday, 27 September 2010

Basic welds tech

I realised that my beater works van was looking abit to much beater to be cool. Id been sticking tape over holes to get through mot inspections for a while now. Thought id stick a basic tech on here incase anyone wants to know how to do a quick repair that will last a while.
1. grind back the paint and shit to see what your looking at and how much metal is left.
2. cut out the rot so you have good metal surrounding the hole. I used a thin cutting disk on a grinder. Then using the piece you just cut out as a template draw around it and cut out a new piece. With a bit of bending over you knee it should fit just right.
3. tack that mother in. I used a magnet off the fridge to help. No expense spared as usual. I like to use a mig to tack as it takes less hands. (migs like clean metal with no paint, grease or rust)
4. I then seam welded it with an acetylene torch. Remember don’t g mad, just weld a bit at a time so not to warp the panel. Then I grinded it back with a flap disk. You could go mad hammering to get the patch unnoticeable but this is my beater van so im keeping it Frankenstein.
5. Add body filler to taste and 2 spoonfuls of paint. Leave in the oven for 40 minuets on gas mark 2. Allow to brown and serve with ice cream and dog shit.

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