Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Stafford Classic Mechanics Show

The Stafford Classic Mechanics Show is a cold one if your lucky and a cold rainy one if your not. this year we were lucky. There is still old chop stuff about, check the stretch on those forks! I managed to get a few bargains. It was good to see our friends from SIDEBURN Mag were there, impressive stand to go with their impressive magazine! If you get chance to see the bikes they had on the stand defo worth a close inspection, some wild mods going on!
See you there next year.
Beautiful also love.

London Heros!

We all know the struggles of living the life of motorcycles and wild cars. lack of storage, time to work on projects etc etc. imagine if you were in the middle of London. where just living is a nightmare. Entertaining owing a small sensible runabout is ludicrous, but just think if there were hero's with multiple wild motorcycles and even hot rods! Their houses full of cool collectibles from the 60s/70s! Imagine no more because these people are out there. maximum respect for keeping it going! Miles is pictured with his sweet shovel and wild tanks! Yes! Yes! Yes!

london party time!

The City of London is a cool place to go for:-

wild music
wild beer
wild people
wild dancing
wild bicycles
wild umbrellas
wild empty tube stops

Thank you london for having us and sorry to the people of London for the disturbance.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

SideBurn Magazine!

SideBurn Magazine.
do you like flat track?
do you like going sideways on a motorcycle?
do you like motorcycles?
do you like a good read?
do you like dirt?
do you like fucking cool magazines?
If you anwsered yes to any of these questions you will LOVE SideBurn!!

ps the sexy model posing with sideburn is non other than the geezer who almost met dave hill out of Slade.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Moto Ideas

Here are some useful ideas to help improve your motorcycle experience. your enjoyment will naturally increase as a result. Beautiful thankyou

You want girls?

Ok so i wasnt really sure when the poll came in what girls you were after. how do these take you? if i dont hear anything i will persume im on the right tracks?

Porsche Trike!

Bo Sandberg build this Porsche engined trike in 1969-70. Front parts are from Triumph, sportster tank, paint is Coldgreen and Dark Green Candy. He was also the first hot rod and custom car builder in 1960’s in Sweden. The girl in his trike is his girlfriend.

Bear Steels!

1980s Surviver!

Sampo the hero has sent us more pics to enjoy! ruler!

this bike is really surviver from 1980, still have original paint (1980) , still running really good and have none cracking good moldings. Owner is Bernhard from Berlin.