Friday, 26 November 2010

Kustom Paint by Chris

My mate Von Lead Foot told me about Kustom Paint by Chris. check it out its wild! im loving the flake jobs! BBBAAADDDDD!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

fat mystic

This week Fat mystic says:

"Success is like tip of the tail !!!If cat runs to catch the tail.It has to keep running forever.But if it walks in its own style.Tail follows!!Live life with ur own rules...."

what a Fat Bastard!

doco photo

this weeks break from the daily grind is brought to you from doco photo. check

cooking oil 7

All thats left to do is weld in your filler and holes for your oil lines. then grind and polish to your taste. i wander if it will make to oil smell of chicken?....

cooking oil 6

spot weld around the pieces to stop warping and to check you have it all straight before the final weld. i used oxey/acetylene which is a bitch to get the hang of. i hear tig is the best method. my tip if your using acetylene is to keep everything super clean and get busy with your flux

cooking oil 5

I scribed a line on using a tower made from an old hair styling product gel firm hold container. i was laughing all the way to the bank with this little money saving idea. HINT: slide the piece your scribing and leave your pen/scribe still. this insures an accurate line.

cooking oil 4

With the dutchie pot sectioned its looking cool but abit tall....

cooking oil 3

narrowing the pot was sorted out with masking tape. this makes a nice line to cut along.

cooking oil 2

1st job is to remove the rim. i found a hacksaw fly's through aluminium like diarrhea from your blinker.

cooking oil 1

Mamas old cooking pot needed making into an oil tank. nice thick aluminium and comedy thinking of all the chicken thats been through this little bad boy. Nice colour to! orange.... orange.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

sweet sugar candy!

Well its winter again! great....roll on spring.
hot stuff, hot stuff
hot shit
you took a bite of my heart now i dont know what to do with it.

Photography by Ed Robert

Ed Robert Photography is our little stop over to a beter place this week. This guy can take a sweet picture! To break the trip up ive chosen the seaside and girls. Hope this breaks reality for abit.

How to paint your bike DVD

Ive written a review on this sweet DVD over on Sideburn Magazines blog. look to the right and click on Sideburn. They have the best scarf ive ever seen for sale to! Its sooooo BADASS!!!

Lines on a Thunder box lid. if you want to brighten up your dirty little shit house.

Vinn-age Cat Tail Light

Every Panther chopper needs a panther head lighting up the road behind you. I hear they are re-popping these now?

Ariel Colt sMash up 2

6. Masking tape was used to hold things together nice and straight to make tacking a piece of piss.
7. A pipe was selected the correct outside diameter to wrap some sheet metal around. This will create a beautiful tunnel.
8. Time to weld the petrol hole in. I stuck it up top like a petrol hole should be.
9. An old mudguard had its rib removed and this was brazed down the middle of the tank for a sexy love look.
10. Now time to dress up as a baby and wash the blood from the dogs of winter. Beware this procedure is intended for entertainment only. If you were to follow this step by step how-to, your eye balls would explode.

Ariel Colt Mash up!

1. Ariel Colt tank found at a swap meet.
2. First job is to cut the middle out. This tank is cool because it has guide lines made into it.
3. Once you’ve cut the sides off use a flat surface to check your cutting is straight.
4. Now is a good time to hammer out the dents. Use sand paper on the rust inside to highlight the dents.
5. Next I brazed up the knee rubber holes.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Vintage Spray Can Candy Flake!

WOW! So you can just grab a can off the shelf and candy flake your ride! crazy! only suitable for dragsters, helmets, motorcycles, muscle cars, vw's and hot rods though. Sewing the seeds of love
seeds of love
sewing the seeds


Would you like some vintage flake in your 99 sir?
erm... yeah please and some red sauce please!Thank you, please!