Friday, 2 December 2011

damned to be free

found this web page by accident. Cool vibe! Theres a link to the right->


1971's bizarre exploitation film, WEREWOLVES ON WHEELS. It's a bizarre combination between a bad 1970's werewolf horror film and a bad early 70's outlaw biker movie. The result is a film so bad that it's great entertainment and a real cult classic and its fucking shite.

Andy G

Skeleton Hospital News Flash

 Weve been very busy over the last few weeks. Everything comes at once! Were starting to run low on stock so if your thinking of ordering do it now to avoid dissapointment! thank you!

Dr Al


Black Country history

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

neils corner

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Grinding cars, Outta control!
Disclaimer: Neils corner does not necessarily reflect the views of skeleton chop shop.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Garbage Pail Kids Flashback

Just found out Topps released a 25th anniversary Flashback set on February 24, 2010, featuring reprints of characters from the original 1985-87 GPK series. I think they also released a Flashback 2 at the start of this year? thought Skeleton Chop Shop readers better know about this.
Andy Graham

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Edward Robert

Edward Roberts Latest. Ruling!

Never Bored

In these winter months things can get abit samey. Dark all the time and weather too bad to ride. Here are two pictures that show what we do in these dark evenings. Try it, you might like it
Neil D

Xmas is Comming

We have lots of stock in redy for the xmas rush. Emails to
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Letters Page

We get a few emails from our readers who ask for advise on a number of different subjects. Some of them might be of use to others so we are going to do a monthly letters page...

Dear Skeleton Chop Shop,
I am thinking of buying a motorcycle to make into a chopper bobber. What make/year would you recommend and can i do it all myself? I have basic hand tools and a mig welder. Thank you
Simon Leventhal
Milton Keynes

Cheers for your letter. First off is the chopper bobber thing. You either want one or the other.
A Bobber to me is and old bike British or American (Harley 45 is perfect) that you strip parts off to make lighter.
A chopper is a bike that has been heavily modified. Cut all unnecessary parts off, paint wild, chrome, smaller petrol tank etc etc
For a first custom bike i would recomend buying the best bike you can. Somthing which is on the road and running well. Then you can add your touches without messing unnecessarily. Do alot of reaserch and read lots of mags. This way you can find you favorite style and make/model. Practice welding on scrap metal and get a experienced welder in to check what your doing. Any more questions just drop us a line.
Dr Al

Keep your Emails comming in

Monday, 14 November 2011

Shov-ster Build Update

We have been,
Building frames using Brass as glue
Sorting Engines
Repairing oil tanks

Temple of Love

Skeleton Chop Shop Staff

In the park dinking beer. Dont they know its winter?

Car Art

My good friend Fi sent me an email of James Corbett's Car Art. Thought id share it with you lot.