Wednesday, 23 March 2011

1st Skeleton Chop Shop Moto Parade

The first Skeleton Chop Shop Parade was so much fun I forgot to take pix! I got one which is so bad you cant see if its of motorcycles or a kitten. The next one will be covered properly and sensibly.

Spring has Sprung!

Im Happy now winter has gone. I love also the hot sun! May it stay for ever in my world. Thankyou

Tree in the Toilet?

The Famous Wolverhampton Toilet Tree!

How nice it is
to look and see
a lovely tree
While i stand and pee!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Electrical Impulses

Trying to make things work together that shouldn't. The old get pushed but push back harder routine.


Chopping an old aftermarket tank. Thought this would be funny. I was wrong its shit.

Uncle Rays Adventures

In the army in Malta.

Shake hands with a millionaire

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Aint it funny how greedy everyone is getting? The roads are filled with fat people in a rush, pushing to get one car ahead never signaling when they turn. Petrol prices are totally out of control and worst of all the man at the top is the biggest no brain selfo ever. Least our bikes are still putting and spring is on its way!

London Trip

A Trip to London is always a trip.

Wham, Van, Thank you Mam


Thursday, 3 March 2011

Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Strangeness in the New Empire Kinema.....

Spotster Tank chop 5

Weld or braze you mounts on and your good.
This is just a quick how-to for beginners i hope someone will find it useful. Any questions just email us.
When i was doing some grinding on this tank sparks were flying as usual. The unusual part was, when i stopped grinding the sparks continued. I looked to my left and saw the curtain on fire with sheets of sparks flying in my face. Just as i was wandering what was going on i heard a loud screaming whistle start. As i hit the ground for cover i remembered the firework i left there. Exciting and great fun.

sportster tank chop 4

If you fold the bottom of the tank over it will make it strong like ape
use wire to get the shape of the tunnel and mark it up
weld the tank floor halves in inside the fold
mark and cut room for the tunnel and weld in
weld in your fuel tap hole and grind to your desired finish.(i didnt)

Sportster Tank chop 3

Weld up the tank halves paying extra attention not to warp the metal.
weld in your filler neck (i put mine in up high for more fuel)
Split the floor of the tank into 3
use tape to mark a 1/4" section to be cut and folded
fold using pliers