Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Spotster Tank chop 5

Weld or braze you mounts on and your good.
This is just a quick how-to for beginners i hope someone will find it useful. Any questions just email us.
When i was doing some grinding on this tank sparks were flying as usual. The unusual part was, when i stopped grinding the sparks continued. I looked to my left and saw the curtain on fire with sheets of sparks flying in my face. Just as i was wandering what was going on i heard a loud screaming whistle start. As i hit the ground for cover i remembered the firework i left there. Exciting and great fun.


  1. Love the tank bruv... you need Jery the 73club health and safety officer on standby.
    Mind you I think you scare'd him enough at the weekend!!!! Kuk

  2. Kuk!
    cheers for the support! haha Yeah i do need Jerry to keep an eye open for me!