Monday, 20 June 2011

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Traditional English Summer Fun

Theres nothing like getting together with some of you bros and putting bells all over your white clothes and dancing around the maypole. In Wolverhampton we travel so much we needed a portable pole. hay oh la la la, hay oh la la la!

Messin with Tanks

Funny how a tank can fuck with your style in a big way. Love how everyone has there own vision of what is cool. Keeps it fresh. Do what you like, not what everyone else thinks you should.

Uncle Rays Adventures

Keep on keepin' on. Wild shots from the days when men were men and bikes were bikes. Life before health and safety. Non PC comments. Back when it wasn't illegal to have fun. FTW!

Mint Siren

Girls and geezers! if your looking for something abit spicy check Mint Siren in the bar to the right. Dangerous clothing!

Mint Siren by Josefine Wing, London based accessories and intimate fashion apparel brand. The designs are innovative and made from high quality fabrics.

Joutsa 2011

Joutsa 2011, check it out!

New Tank

Been working on this little sucker for abit. Im going to run a how-to paint your tank with this one. sucker fucker.

Were Back! (kinda)

Arrgh well the computers have been fuckin with us but were trying to make it happen. sorry for any inconvenience!
al x

Monday, 6 June 2011

Post Problems

My computer has stopped me up loading photos.
Bear with me and i should have it sorted soon!

Anyway its summer so you should all be out in the real world making cool bikes