Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Busted Knuckle

Busted Knuckle are from Devizes. Check them out for custom Harley frames and CNC parts.
Buy British and support your local custom bike shop!
(keep buying forign and we will all be in the dole line.)

email them on...   bustedknuckle@live.co.uk

Busy Times!

Unfortunately with all the work you good folks are keeping us busy with we cant take anything else on until Xmas. The hands on work is done by one man (Dr Al pictured above) and were fully booked. Thanks for you support and the merch and spares (mudguards, bars, pinstriped stuff etc etc) is still fully available.

Thanks again!

Lack of Money Leads to New Ideas!

So your skint with the recession and all that and you want to paint your boy racer car with the latest gay paint scheme like all the other loser's. don't worry! just sew all your moms curtains and dish cloths together! least your car is kinda funny its so shit!


This made me laugh.

Wolverhampton Riots!

Wolverhampton has kept with the latest trend and had its own riots. We made sky news along with London and Birmingham. The best part is the rioters dont know why there so mad, one said " its because we have to work for money"

Must be strange being raised in a world were its normal to lend money through credit with no intention of paying it back, then get told you cant do that anymore. 

Note to rioters.. If you want somthing SAVE your money then go and BUY it.

New Lego Set!

Sweet new Lego set right up to date for the kids!

Massen Dirt Track 2010

Massen Dirt Track 2010 from Jesper Bram on Vimeo.

Sampos been trippin again!

Kustomposten at Jokers Car & Motorcycle Show 2011

Kustomposten at Jokers Car & Motorcycle Show 2011 from Jesper Bram on Vimeo.

Very Cool!!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Flake Kings

My Brother from a Different Mother has a sweet thing going on over at
You can buy all sorts of cool flake stuff, clothing, bubble visors, grips, tanks etc etc
Check them out and watch out for fridays.....
Ps Double G Thanks for the support! hope to see you in november!

Edward Robert Photos

More sweet pix from Edward Robert!

Monday, 8 August 2011

Skeleton Chop Shop

The Hospital for motorcycles.
The Doctor will see you now.
Im sorry theres nothing we can do.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Thursday, 4 August 2011