Monday, 31 October 2011

Exciting Times

I was thinking that this trend in the bike scene at the moment is a good thing. Im on about the whole "old school chopper" revival business. Ive been into classic/vintage bikes my whole life and find it funny how now its cool. I was always the kid getting laughed at by his school friends for messing with old crap machines, now people are saying "I always loved old bikes blah blah". The money the yuppies are putting into this is making it so much better for us types. E.G. check the DVDs you can get now. All the old shit B movies that were hard to get on video are now one email away. How about the Magazines? Loads to choose from! All the parts you can buy off the shelf? Wild! It will die off again and the trendies will be into Flat track or Cafe Racers or somthing but for now were ruling!
Andy Graham x

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