Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Skeleton Chop Shop Slide Show


Gearbox Chaos!

Better get this sorted quick!

Fat Mystic

"Prepare for the worst and hope for the best"

.......Fat Bastard!

Vampire Bike (shite)

This film is shite.

English Ute's

Wild times! Almost like a couple of respectable blokes...almost.

Edward Robert Photography

Check the link to the right. Edward Robert has it on lock!

Stafford Classic Motorcycle Show 2011

The Stafford Show was usual business, rummaging through boxes of rust. There seems to be less rust and more stalls selling 3 expensive items. I blame Ebay. OI! EBAY! FUCK YOU! wrecking my rummaging...I dunno...where is my medicine?

Triumph Fork

Its funny how many theories there is on where white dog shit from the 80s has gone. I think its something to do with the food ingredients. Answers on a postcard.


Our resident Chainsaw and axe specialist.

Check the Masubi link on the bar to the right.

Jokers Car and Bike Show

Oh Shit, Get redy to party!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

1935 BSA Bicycle

With the price of petrol in the UK around £1.37 a Litre i needed something cool to tool around on that will run for free. Enter the BSA I'm told its around 1935. Since these pictures have been taken its now up and running with new tires and very bad brakes. I'm wearing out shoes dragging my feet to stop but its exciting so who cares. Just need a period racing pipe........