Monday, 18 July 2011

How to Paint your Petrol Tank #7

another little tip is throw some clingfilm over the tank(layed out better than me) so you can try different line colour without risking anything.
once lined i threw 3 clear coats over it and will wet and dry to get rid of any bumps. then onto polishing and you can cruze!

How to Paint your Petrol Tank #6

so now were blinging its design time!
go mad with lace, scales and fogging. do whatever you want.
remember to mask what you dont want spraying.
then hit it with candy! i thew some metal flake and crushed glass in too. cosmic!
now another top coat to seal it in.

How to Paint your Petrol Tank #5

  fill in your lines with masking tape and spray. were spraying a solid black.
once dry remask the black.
we wanted a big contrast so we are going for flake on the silver base.
Then hit it with a couple of clear coats. this is so when the candy is applied it wont puddle in the flake.

How to Paint your Petrol Tank #4

A little trick is to line one side, then get some paper and do a pencil rubbing like when you were in school. Then cut out and flip over to get perfect layout for other side.
finish lining you design.

How to Paint your Petrol Tank #3

Time for the base coat. were doing a 60s candy flake job so we need a nice silver base.
mask out your design with line tape.

How to Paint your Petrol Tank #2

once the primer is dry spray a guide coat (slight dusting of a different coloured paint) when sanded this will show up any low spots or pitting (see enlargement) if you find a dent etc rough area with 80 grit and fill with body filler. one flatted to a uniformed colour stick 4 more coats on that mother.

How to Paint your Petrol Tank #1

Here is the long awaited how-to paint your tank. any questions email me at

Bear metal your tank and scuff the surface with some 80 grit emery cloth. This will help the paint adhere to the metal.
Stick 4 coats of high build primer on that sucker.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Bastard Hall

you Bastard.

Tank painting

The tank how-to is nearly done. If your thinking of painting your own tank but not sure how to go about it, I hope this will answer some questions.


chaos here at the mo with the shows and orders comming out of our ears! its all go! see you at hayride!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sinking ship

Were all on this sinking boat, so lets stick together and bail the water out!

How to paint your bike comming soon

Im going to run a how-to paint your bike soon. were starting with the tank. Its going to be a wild flake/candy job. get your freak on!

Monday, 4 July 2011

Edward Robert Photography

Edward Robert is ruling the photo world again. check out his link on the right!

Nostalgia Nationals

Nos Nats was rainy Friday night but real hot and sunny sat and sun. The racing was top notch and there was birthday merriment! here are some pictures taken by Magpie Photo. Love the English summer when its like this!

Ok we are officially back!

We have done enough messing about with computers and thanks to our I.T. support officer Lil D we are now back online! there is lots comming up so keep them peeled! time to stop lying back on the bike naked and get some work done!