Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Skeleton Chop Shop Update

Here at SCS we are very busy getting redy for the spring/summer

There will be new merch out soon
The Shovster Should be rolling soon
More how-to's soon
Springs on its way soon
Ride Safe soon

Cool Ural

Skeleton Hospital Animal Reserch Dept.

Fi from the Animal Reserch Dept. has sent some photos of her findings. Amazing results! We now chop animals and motorcycles.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Build Your Own Arcade Machine!

1. Draw out plans to scale

2. Transplant plans onto wood. Screw together

3. Download Lots of old games onto a WII

4. Put WII, flat screen TV, Sterio into box you made.

5. Paint and detail

6. Invite friends around for 6 hour Pacman!

by Dom Chetta

"Cheers Dom you maniac!" - Dr Al

Harley Davidson

Clutch time on the Shovster.........

Monday, 6 February 2012

1950 Panther Daily Rider

Auntie Alice has been my daily since September
Going well but the snow and freezing weather is no fun
gotta love the road grime
Ill rebuild and give it some love soon, its been a bitsa for too long!haha

Dr Al

Lucy Pryor Tattoo Artist

Ok you all must check out my favourite Tattooist Lucy Pryor! Shes got a new page up and it rules! Check out the link bar on the right. Get to London or Brighton and get marked by the best in the bizz!

Dr Al

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Trip Out

See you there. 2 wheel it down. Be wild.

Daily Rider

Riding a 1950 Panther to work everyday in this horrid winter means daily maintenance. These are the three areas i look at most. Laugh out loud..... Weird beard

Rood Food

Bitter Koekjes = Bitter Cockjizz

Chewy Dragees = Chewy Drag-ees (helps you dress as a woman)