Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The "Heart Breaker" Dance Move

Step 1. Heavy rhythm with the foot work. Keep to the beat and don't be scared to get aggressive. Torso should be rigid like a river dance. Hands and arms should be held as if riding a chopped motorcycle. Remember to smile for the judges.

Step 2. Now onto the more advanced part of the dance. Feet should be in the "Power Stance". This will demand respect from fellow dancers. Body arched and leaning to the side. Hands and arms to be held simulating playing a guitar. Head work should be nodding furiously to the beat.

Step 3. The final step in the "Heart Breaker" is a medley of many complex moves. Feet should be moving side to side whilst the legs are mainly still. Torso is straight (watch you don't stoop. Points will be deducted). Hands and arms in the "Glory" pose showing the judges and fellow dancers you know you are in the final throws of mastering the step. Head nodding as in the last step but adopt a dramatic face posture. This will ensure top points with the judging panel.

Thank you
You are now a world class dancer!
Andy Graham of the Wolverhampton Dancing Academy

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