Thursday, 26 July 2012

Hot Rod Hayride 2012

See you there! If you spot any of the SCS staff join us for a drink.

Kuk of the 73 Club

This photo was taken in 1969 by Sampo. I think this was just any Tuesday afternoon where Kuk was nipping to Asda to get some shopping in. If memory serves it was taken on Asda car park. (note cars parked behind him).

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Born Free 4 by Walt

In the USA the beginning of July everyone starts thinking of the 4th of July where myself an other motorcycle nuts get excited for the last day of June when we all drive into the hills to Born Free. The idea of this show being to bring it back to the bike shows of old when everyone showed up to a campsite showed off their new custom and would carve the winding curves of the hills. Well thats exactly what Born Free 4 accomplished again this year. This was the second year for it being out at Oak Canyon Ranch Park and easily doubled in size and tripled in vendor from last years Born Free 3. There was every type of custom there from the American v-twin, Japanese and English, to some VW trikes; diggers, bobbers, Stretched choppers, trikes, drag bikes, even a couple swank vans. This year saw an even greater attendance from people travelling from out of state even out of the country from British Columbia Canada. In the end it is a utopia for anyone that loves seeing the world on two wheels and the customs that take them there. Until next year keep on riding hard stay free.

Walt the Pinstriper

A big thank you from all at Skeleton Chop Shop to Walt for doing this for us to enjoy!
Check out Walts Pinstriping and art at!/Waltpinstriping

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Classic bike Night

We had one sunny evening a couple of weeks back. Just happened there was a classic meet on that night. It was fun to be in the sun.

Rain Rain Rain

Here in England its been raining. We have broken records on the amount of rain fall. Lets hope this is  because the sun will rise tomorrow and not set. The suns constant rays cause the temperature to sit in the mid 70s. Night time will not exist. People will be nice to each other. I get to ride the chop in the sun. I make a solar powered rocket ship hotel and live hovering above Wolverhampton and urine out the window on people so they think its raining.

Thank you

Andy Graham ESQ

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Born Free 4 pt 2

Hope to make this show one day. Amazing.

Born Free 4

Born Free looks like an amazing show. Lots of bikes I'm into and rubbing shoulders with builders I've looked up to for many years. Unfortunately living in England its difficult getting over there. Our pinstriper, photographer, artist and general top dude "Walt" hit the show for us and took some ace photos. Big thanks to Walt for sharing this wild show with us!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Shov-ster Petrol Tank

Finally finished the paint on the Shov-ster tank. Making some handle bars next. Hope to have the bike at Hot Rod Hayride 90% finished.