Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Fat Mystic

What words of wisdom do you have today Fat Mystic?

"Eat shit....Suck it!"

Thankyou FM. x


Poor old England
I remember when you were a producer of quality and value for the pound
I remember when your people were proud and kind
Now everyone is ruled by greed and were in a bind
Horses in our beef and donkeys in govenment house
which me waan kill ya like a ikkal mouse!

Rasta Gregory

Wires. Fires. Buyers.

Wires through the frame leads to eating. Obese people in the UK are on the increase and its down to wiring though the frame. Everyone knows Obese children love hidden wires.

Andy Graham.

A Visual Vannin Girft for Neil

Van up!
Free Candy!
Dont Laugh Your Daughter Might Be In Here!
Its A Piece Of Shit But I Love It!
If This Vans Rocking, Im Obese!

Life Behind Bars

Some bars i made out of scrap found around the workshop. My carbon footprint just shrank.

Jason Jessee Art