Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Neils Corner

Vans pt2

Neils Corner

Vans pt 1


Neils Corner

Sportie For Sale

Harley is a '92 883 Sporty, bobber look rear end with hagon shrouded shocks (nice old skool look) flat tracker look to front end, clean bars with master cylinder cleverly hidden behind headlamp and cable operated.. Great for a 1200 job on it, taxed n mot'd.... Ebay item number 271464553606  peeps can phone me on 07980265770... only if serious of course!!


Monday, 7 April 2014


I'm abit worried lately at the amount of fashion involved in the chopper\bike world. Its so lame when people are more interested in clothing makes or hair style than having fun. Let's hope the shit English weather keeps the fashion world from making bikes gay. If any fashion dudes are reading this I hear the next big underground fad is vans (haha Neil)